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Key 1: Understanding the Trauma of Betrayal


Has anyone told you?

You are not responsible for the decisions of another person?

You cannot control what has happened to you?

Did you know?

You get to choose what happens to you next?

And that decision that you make will determine your overall health and well-being?

Can you identify with any of these?

  1. You have just discovered betrayal by the person that is supposed to be the closest to you and you can't go to them or get help from them because they are the source of your pain.

  2. Maybe you know your husband is exhibiting unhealthy behaviors and you can't quite put your finger on it and you feel confused, isolated and don’t know your next steps.

  3. Trying harder to be the perfect wife won’t fix what is wrong or what is currently happening to you.

  4. Allowing yourself to be depleted and living in fear because your husband has hurt or mistreated you is unhealthy and not what God wants for you.

  5. Thinking that you had something to do with this or that you are responsible for the decisions of another person will not change your current situation.

  6. Focusing on fixing the problem or fixing your husband will not help you heal from your pain. What has happened to you is outside your control, but what happens next is up to you.

  7. Thinking that continuing to stay in a destructive relationship without implementing necessary change is honoring you, honoring your husband or honoring to God.

Key 2: Setting Proper Expectations


Hello, I'm Melody.

who have been through the devastation of betrayal within their primary relationship.

 Having a safe place that is confidential for women so that they will not be alone and able to start their journey to process what has happened to them is a critical necessity for healing. Since I didn't have something like this available to me when I went through my personal situation, it was important for me to create a community of like-minded women that was away from social media outlets which is often triggering, so that they could have the support and encouragement to get the healing necessary.

 What I’ve discovered is that women all over the world experiencing the trauma of betrayal have a common problem – and it's suffering in silence, isolation and shame.

I have been working with women in the aftermath of betrayal trauma since 2009, and I am passionate about seeing women rise up out of their pain, regain their footing and reclaim their life.

I enjoy training Church Staff in walking with couples in crisis dealing with sexual brokenness, pornography & sexual addiction. It is imperative that they understand the specifics as to what it looks like when a woman is experiencing betrayal trauma so that they can know how to empathize, respond, and outsource the proper help.

Some of the recent places that I have had the opportunity to speak on the impacts of pornography and sexual betrayal have been to the women and children in Uganda, Counseling Centers in the Ukraine, Men, Women, and church leaders in Guatemala. Stewarding my story brings hope and healing to others that may be in a similar situation.

I am passionate about the ongoing coaching and daily communication that the community provides, the Group Coaching program that I work with every quarter, 1-to-1 Intensives for Betrayed Spouses, and Couples Intensives for Marriages in Crisis.

There is nothing more beautiful than walking with a betrayed woman, literally facing "the valley of the shadow of death", and then witnessing resurrection
as she rises up out of the ashes and into her Life Beyond Betrayal!

With my background in Education and Fitness Instruction, and as a Relationship and Recovery Coach, my skills have uniquely allowed me to walk alongside women as well as create additional content and resources to help women.

Because I have been through this personally, I wanted to create a program that would be simple to help women in trauma have exactly what they need, as well as provide a community away from the social media outlets so they would not be triggered or suffering in silence alone.

Life Beyond Betrayal is both a community and multi-course membership for women only. Some of the course content includes Surviving Trauma Beyond Betrayal and Grieving Beyond Betrayal.

Surviving Trauma Beyond Betrayal
Life Beyond Betrayal
Grieving Beyond Betrayal

I have had the honor of sharing my story in the The Heart of Man Movie. Stewarding my story in this movie has given hope to people all over the world in similar situations. I have had the privilege to speak at conferences, participate in Global Summits and Co-Host the Undone Redone Podcast. I am Co-Founder of the Non-Profit Organization, Undone Redone where our mission is ‘Every Heart Living Free’

How do I find my way out of all this pain?

Let me ask you a few questions:

1:  Are you ready to move out of all the chaos, confusion and devastating emotions?

2:  Are you ready to do your own work instead of trying to fix or change your spouse? 

3:  Are you ready to sort and work through all the pain, so you can stand strong in who you were created to be?

4:  Are you ready to re-discover who you are when you come through all this pain?

Key 3: Developing a Healing Plan


Why do I have to do the work to heal
when I did not cause this?

If this is the question that is haunting you, I want to validate that. Although, the discovery of betrayal is universal, and it chooses when it detonates, we have to pick up the debris all around us and find a path toward healing.

After my discovery, and in the midst of chaos, crisis and breastfeeding my last child, I realized that I didn’t have the luxury of taking a sabbatical to heal.  Internally, I found myself kicking and screaming, however, I soon discovered that going into the pain was my only way out of the pain. I knew I couldn’t change or fix my husband, and I didn't like that.
But, I also knew that I couldn't get through this alone.


It was not an easy decision for me, but I had to courageously choose to embark on a journey to heal from this enormous pain. I knew I couldn't be good for myself or my kids if I didn't choose to invest in myself.


What does a road map for healing and repair look like?

I have helped thousands of women regain their footing, heal from their pain and find their voice so that they can stand in strength to create healthy change, God's way. No more pretending. No more faking that everything is fine when it's not. 

What is in this membership for me?

  • Over 30 topics specifically designed for you to heal and recover from the trauma of betrayal!

  • Over 30 topics on how to identify the losses, and walk through the cycles of grief after betrayal!

  • Learn the meaning of betrayal trauma.

  • Understand the landscape of what you are dealing with and engage in a clear path forward.

  • Learn how pornography and sexually acting out behaviors affect you.

  • Gain greater understanding on the emotional roller coaster that affects you after betrayal.

  • Realize the impact if there is not a healing process. (no escaping, stuffing or avoiding)

  • Explore the nature of relationship and betrayal trauma.

  • Increase awareness of how important it is to have safety as you heal.

  • Understand shame and develop tools to reduce and eliminate shame

  • Identify triggers and get a plan for working through them so they don't take you out.

  • Learn better ways to cope as well as practical skills

  • A community of like minded women who are safe and share your story

  • Recovery coaches that can encourage you along the way

Simple Lessons:

You Are Not Alone
It's Not Your Fault
Dealing With Shame
Unpacking Trauma
Safe & Unsafe People
Dealing with Triggers
Emotional Roller Coasters
Coping with Deception
Obstacles to Healing
Setting Boundaries
Courage: Your Superpower

...and many more!


As a Life Beyond Betrayal Community Member you get:

Recovery Coaching:

You get ongoing support, information, guidance, and connection with partners from all over the world, plus exclusive access to recovery coaches.

Confidential Online Community:

For the past 5 years the Life Beyond Betrayal community has been residing in Facebook, but we believe moving this community away from Facebook and inside the Life Beyond Betrayal membership will provide added safety, anonymity and confidentiality for the group.

Weekly Live Q&A Call with Melody:

Live Q&A with Melody every week where you get your questions answered. All Q&A Calls are recorded and replay is available.

Monthly Webinars:

Monthly webinars taught by Melody covering a different topic every month, plus time for Q&A after the presentation (1st Wednesday of every month).

Weekly Virtual Support Group:

We have a Monday evening support group where we gather virtually for support from 6:30-7:30 via zoom. This women's group is a place of encouragement and support for betrayed spouses no matter where they are located. Melody shares topically and there is a time of sharing.

Surviving Trauma Beyond Betrayal Course:

Over 30 topics of teaching from Melody on the Impact of Betrayal Trauma and how to recover that every partner needs to know, with homework, journaling sheets, music, coloring sheets and devotionals available immediately in your membership portal.

Grieving Beyond Betrayal Course:

Over 30 topics of teaching from Melody on Grieving the Losses after Betrayal that every partner needs to know, with homework, journaling sheets, music and devotionals available immediately in your membership portal.

Live Q&A Replay Archive:

All Live Q&A Replay Calls you can listen to on your schedule, as many times as you like!

Access to all Podcast Interviews:

Unlimited access to additional resources such as podcast interviews with some of the experts in this field.

Private Personal Profile:

Personal profile settings allow you customize and control your profile to protect your privacy and confidentiality. You are in complete control of how and when you share any information with other Community members.

Bonus Information and Resources:

Bonus information and resources including complimentary access to special presentations, guidelines for formal therapeutic disclosure, in-house separation, recovery check-ins, Frequently Asked Questions and more.

“I’ve tried other women’s groups and been disappointed.
What makes LIFE BEYOND BETRAYAL different?”

Life Beyond Betrayal offers women who have been betrayed in their primary relationships the collective wisdom and ongoing support, information, resources and community needed to make the changes to heal and grow.

If you are a woman looking to better understand what you are going through and how it impacts you long term you should start the journey now.

As I put this together for you, I thought about everything that I wished that I had when I went through my own personal story of betrayal, so this is my labor of love to you. 

The like-minded women that will be coming alongside you on this journey will be your LIFELINE!
You do not have to suffer in silence any longer!

This Membership Community Will Be Your Lifeline!

If you feel completely alone, suffering in silence and isolation stops today! 
True healing takes place in the context of authentic community and Life Beyond Betrayal brings together betrayed partners from all over the world who share similar stories. 




  • Want to connect with other betrayed partners dealing with similar issues.

  • Want to stop being pulled under by the enormous emotions brought on by all the lies and  deception.

  • Are ready to do the hard work to regain your bearings, and get your life back.

  • Are sick and tired of being sick and tired and stuck and feeling helpless and afraid.

  • Don't like who you are becoming in this disorienting and difficult marriage.

  • Want to know how to identify and handle the all the gas lighting and crazy making.

  • Are ready to heal from all the pain rediscover all that God has for you.

  • Are ready to invest in your own self for a change (it is not selfish to take care of YOU).


What Other People Are Saying

Join Life Beyond Betrayal for only $21.99/month!

I'll be honest with you. There is a big, big part of me that just wants to give this away so that as many women as possible can begin the journey that leads to hope and healing. However, from my own personal experience and 11 years of walking with women who are hurting, I have learned something; It is human nature to de-value those things that we are not vested in.

So, I want you to think about it this way.

For as little as 70 cents per day, you get to invest in your healing journey where you will gain insight, perspective, understanding, hope and healing to help you navigate a very uncertain terrain. I have been where you are and I want to help you get to your Life Beyond Betrayal. Find strength today by giving yourself the gift of healing like other women have.

Join me and let's get started on the journey.

YES! Give me access now!


You will begin with a step by step journey that I have personally designed to help you get the help you need –QUICKLY!

I know that this can be scary, but it's important to know how to get safe, and that's your next step.

In addition to Safety, your LIFE BEYOND BETRAYAL journey moves you to get clarity on many of the things that surface after deception that make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster.

You will begin to gain clarity, process your emotions, and move through the losses associated with betrayal such as your sense of identity, so that you can regain your footing and reclaim your LIFE BEYOND BETRAYAL.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]